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What are the measures to solve the hose bubbling?

Updated:2015-12-4 Browse:520

In the use of rubber hose, hose bubbling we encountered problems, so what is the cause of the problem? And how should we solve this problem?

Hose bubbling delaminating reasons there might be, extrusion lining rubber outer diameter change is too big, the outer rubber extrusion and the tube body escapes, fiber coarseness, fiber line joint knot is too big or latex tiles stockpile.

Solve the hose bubbling

Pressure control plastic coated outer gel, general master small package inside the hose diameter 1.5 2 mm; Timely modification fiber bumps and clearing latex gel. To improve liquidity of rubber vulcanization early, choose sulfonamide classes after effect accelerator; Strict control of the inner rubber extrusion outside diameter tolerance, pay attention to the speed and traction speed and volume and cooling; Sulfide stable hose inner pressure, the pressure in the inner diameter 13 mm hose (0.25 and 0.01 MPa), inside diameter 25 mm inside the hose pressure for soil (0.3 0.3 MPa) effect is better.