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For the installation of high pressure hose what issues need to pay attention to

Updated:2015-12-4 Browse:521

Has been employed for related products, users may, for the use of a product, all can achieve the result of what we expected, is carried out for the first installation work, improper installation will make a difference to our work, so for the installation of high pressure hose products use what are the problems need attention?

This problem for us to make a detailed interpretation of the professional and technical personnel, high pressure rubber hose in installation, rubber hose is too long will affect the appearance, but also increase cost; If the hose is too short when the pressure and stretch or shrink, there is not enough room for expansion, can lead to high pressure rubber hose is destroyed; So when the high pressure rubber hose for installation, do not let the crooked, otherwise damage when pressure hose or make loose connection place; Asked about this installation we will explain here, if you have other thought can information consulting our professionals.