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Large caliber fabric hose diameter round the best solution?

Updated:2015-12-4 Browse:505

The solution of the large aperture fabric hose diameter circle method is: use both ends can open cover vulcanizing tank, pipe on the tank has a normal admission and exhaust pipe, the tank at each end to establish soft connection into the steam pipe and exhaust pipe, forming good hose is placed on sulfide car bedplate, put on both ends of the bedplate have can connect more steam pipe plug, each separately in their respective plugs on both ends of the hose, fixture for fixed well, then curing for tank car, respectively connect and soft multi-plug main steam pipe connect tightly, closed vulcanizing pot, steam pipe from one end of the first soft connection to the steam hose in input, and then to the vulcanizing tank for steam, air pressure within the hose from the tank pressure is 0.02 a o. 03 sulfide under mpa. Tank and condensate within the hose should be timely discharge. Sulfide and keep the differential exhaust steam at the same time, and in the tank of spray cooling, cold water after opening the discharge soft connecting pipe, pull the sulfide removing the clamp, remove hose cutting head.