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High pressure hose handling matters need to be aware of?

Updated:2015-12-4 Browse:504

In order to better ensure that the high pressure hose products safe and sound, the loading and unloading work also needs to pay special attention to, its relevant hose product classification (article) order shipment, to avoid excessive bending tube body of discounts, should not in tube pile pressure on other heavy objects.

Then need to pay attention to prohibit the hose with the acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent, inflammable, explosive mixture; High pressure rubber hose products should not be with the goods in direct contact with sharp edges. When we are handling high pressure rubber hose, should not be anywhere procrastinating, for heavy products should use lifting equipment or dedicated machine loading and unloading, and to prevent accidental injury with high pressure hose.

Engineering using high pressure hose in the axial stress by more than it can support, will be like the compression bar or cylindrical helical spring, suddenly bending and stability of linear form. This is inevitable. If high pressure rubber hose under internal pressure is more than what it could support a certain pressure value, also can produce instability. Experiments show that project on the destruction of high pressure rubber hose, majority is for this reason. Whether elastic seal, axial expansion compensator, rubber hose, there are such problems.