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Simple introduction of flame retardant fire hose

Updated:2015-12-4 Browse:518

Flame retardant fire hose is one of the rubber hose we often contact, antiflaming fire-resistant high-pressure hose is extremely widely used, but is mainly used for high pressure, inflammable, high temperature environment of hydraulic transmission, medium or transfer the power, etc.

Due to the continuous development of science and technology, the application of high pressure antiflaming fire-resistant hose is more widely, so far has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, Marine, metallurgical and other industries. Petroleum exploration and drilling pipe preventer hydraulic control; Metallurgical industry, steelmaking, open hearth or blast furnace burden and close to the flame of the hydraulic pipeline in high temperature environment, etc.

Flame retardant plastic refractory high pressure resistance, fireproof, heat insulation, oil resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, etc. In the oil drilling well control system using this hose, superior to hard line, safe and reliable, easy installation and disassembly, save time and effort, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, long service life.