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The high pressure hose technical requirements

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The prevention, and other fields have a wide range of applications. Plastic color for yellow transparent in the finished product, has the characteristics such as high wear resistance, high toughness, high pressure resistance, abrasion resistance index 2-3 times that of ordinary sand blasting hose.

Polyurethane (pu) and product characteristics: rubber, butyl rubber as main raw materials, and adding special reinforcing agent. Steel braided sand blasting hose adopts copper plating special steel wire braided hose, work under pressure is three to four times the size of fabric hose, has a high degree of pressure, flexible function superior resistance characteristic.

Pieces wear-resisting rubber technical requirements: using temperature - 20 pieces ~ + 45 ℃ maximum working pressure of 0.63 MPa: pieces pieces testing pressure is 2 times the working pressure blasting pressure not less than 4 times the maximum working pressure. Enhancement layer: fabric sandblasting hose is made of high quality clean tape for enhancement layer, good flexible, strong bearing capacity.